Elite Hockey

Elite Hockey HeaderLakehead International invites you to enjoy a wonderful opportunity to train like a professional  hockey player with elite instructors in Canada’s best hockey town. Participating players will enjoy a robust schedule of skills development, fitness and strength training, and game strategy through on and off ice experiences.

Thunder Bay is one of the top ranking cities in our country in producing the MOST NHL PLAYERS!

湖首大学国际部诚邀您把握绝佳机会,携手精英教练,在加拿大最佳冰球重镇体验专业冰球运动员 般的训练。参与球员日程安排十分紧凑,涵盖各种冰球场内外体验,包括技能拓展、体能与力量训 练和比赛战略。

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